“Europe builds its own internet search engine” | OI Canadian

OI Canadian | 21 September 2022

“The OpenWebSearch.EU project is working on a European alternative to Google in the field of online search To foster an open and human-centric search engine market”

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OpenWebSearch.EU has officially kicked-off | Media Release

OpenWebSearch.EU has kicked-off with a consortium meeting in Berlin. 46 participants got together in a hybrid meeting format to exchange ideas and make plans for the successful execution of the project. The meeting was hosted by DLR-PT in a new building in Berlin-Südkreuz.

The opening session was kicked off by greetings from Dieter Kranzmüller (BADW-LRZ), Uwe Heitmann from DLR-PT, and Jorge Gasos and Stergios Tsiafoulis from DG CONNETC. The warm welcome of the guests gave an energetic basis for the following interactive gathering.

“The kick-off with its interactive sessions are of great value for project progress. The in-person meeting format was a big help for knowledge exchange, requirement gathering, and expectation sharing. It was great to see all participants working so very motivated and actively contributing to lively discussions and break-out sessions” says Dr. Megi Sharikadze, Lead of the LRZ Research Coordination and Support Team.

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