“The Open Web Search project, Interview Michael Granitzer” | Deutschlandfunk

“Transparency means that everyone has the same information, with the same effort, which – in my opinion – then makes it fairer.” – Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer from University of Passau, project lead of openwebsearch.eu, in a short radio interview with Manfred Kloiber from Deutschlandfunk.

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“Missing link: Open web index to make Europe independent in searching” | California18

“With a market share of over 90 percent, Google is regularly the number one search engine in Europe. Since 2004, googling has been officially listed as a verb in the dictionary and stands for searching or researching on the Internet with the application of the subsidiary of the US umbrella company Alphabet. As the gateway for a large number of Europeans and citizens worldwide, Google not only opens up information, but also helps determine their view of the Internet and the things depicted on it.”…

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“Missing Link: Open web index to make Europe independent in searching” | heise online

“With a publicly viewable source code, I can learn and, more importantly, verify exactly what the search engine is storing about me” – Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann from Suma e.V., a project partner of openwebsearch.eu, and many other voices of the OpenWebSearch.EU’s project resp. of the Open Search Community have their say at heise online.

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“Starnbergers against Google power: How the Open Search Foundation wants to change the internet” | Merkur

In the German daily “Merkur”, Christine Plote and Dr Stefan Voigt, board members of the Open Search Foundation, one of openwebsearch.eu’s project partners, talk about Open Search and the EU project openwebsearch.eu. Read more

Video – Connect University Online Session: “Open Web Search. Boosting Europe’s digital independence and economy”

In a Connect University webinar, Dr. Stefan Voigt (Open Search Foundation and German Aerospace Center/DLR), Prof. Dr. Michael Granitzer (University of Passau and project leader openwebsearch.eu) and Isabell Claus (founder thinkers.ai), moderated by Christine Plote (Open Search Foundation), shed light on the topic of open search and the background and potential of the openwebsearch.eu project.

Furthermore they talked about the motivation and concepts of open web search for Europe, the technical set-up and roadmap of the OpenWebSearch.EU’s project. They also highlighted the possible impact and commercial dimension of an Open Search Ecosystem for Europe’s digital markets.

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TED-Talk “Navigating the Entangled Web”: Dr. Tim Smith of CERN explains the benefits of Open Web Search

Dr. Tim Smith, head of Collaboration and Information Services at CERN, one of OpenWebSearch.EU’s project partners, gives an overview of Internet search and its downsides in his TED Talk at Tedxverbier.ch. In his talk, he uses examples from physics to illustrate the necessity of an open web index.

Among other things, he discusses CERN’s flagship, the LEC (Large Electron-Positron Collider), and uses this measuring instrument to illustrate how quickly false reports spread on the internet. We are pleased that he, as an employee of CERN, highlights the advantages and benefits of our open web search project in his lecture.

His powerful message: “The world needs to act collectively now as a connected community to solve the catastrophic challenges that humankind is facing.”


TED-Talk “Navigating the Entangled Web” by Dr. Tim Smith (CERN) in Verbier.