Agoratalk Podcast Interview with Christine Plote

„It takes plenty of little Davids“ I Agoratalk

The project was mentioned in a recent Agoratalk podcast episode featuring Christine Plote – Chairwoman at the Open Search Foundation which is one of the fourteen OWS.EU consortium entities.

The title of the episode was “Ethics in the digital space. Alternatives instead of regulation on the net”. Together with podcast hosts Daniel Höche and Olivier Blanchard, Christine discussed the current digital landscape including ethical and societal challenges. The conversation also dove into the rather monopolistic search engine market that capitalizes on private data and shapes filter bubbles with huge, yet often invisible societal consequences.

Christine Plote shared insights on the motivation behind OWS.EU, explaining why it takes many “small Davids“ to build true alternatives to the established commerce-driven web search giants.

To listen to the full interview (in German language) click on the link below: