ows.eu FAQs out now

Who, what, why and when – Compiled answers to frequently asked questions are now available on our website

❓What is an Open Web Index (OWI)?
❓Are search engines and web search still relevant given the growing influence of AI technology?
❓How will I as a developer or company be able to use an Open Web Index?

Those are just some of the questions that come up a lot when people first hear about the OpenWebSearch.eu project – our  3 year long research project, funded by the EU commission with their EU Horizon Europe research framework programme.

To answer some of the questions that arise a lot, the ows.eu team has launched an FAQ page. Find out about who is behind OpenWebSearch.eu and which problems the project aims to solve as well as how a long term funding of an Open Web Index could potentially look like. Stay curious and dive right in!

And for those that would like to get involved, we recommend checking out our Community page: https://openwebsearch.eu/community/