Ethics Workshop at Consorium Meeting Graz

Second consortium-wide meeting in Graz

What have we achieved to date? What’s coming up? – Heads were smoking about new ideas and developments for an open search infrastructure and large language models based on an open web index. The second project-wide on-site meeting, hosted by Graz University of Technology, delivered manifold impressions and fostered fruitful discussions.

Particularly innovative and exciting was the concept developed by the founders of #TheInvisibleLab, Stefanie Egger and Christian Lepenik, together with Alexander Nussbaumer, Graz University of Technology. For the #ELSA workshop on ethical, legal and societal aspects of Open Web Search and an Open Web Index, they developed a haptic workshop support that made the questions and topics tangible and created “visible” results like the “building” in the photos below.
A very exciting – and even visually attractive! – approach!