Marjana Senčar Srdič

Marjana Senčar Srdič

A1 Slovenija, d. d., Research and Strategic Development

Research and Strategic Development, leading A1 SLO research organization, Vice Chair of GSMA  5G IoT Strategy Steering Group

Coordination of A1 Slovenia OWS project team. Supporting project related administrative tasks.

Role: To investigate and develop user frontends, business models and growth potential around the OWI and identify potential barriers. Providing expertise on privacy preserving user data management and location-based services for the envisioned geo-entity recommendation vertical. WP1: Resource Efficient Collaborative Crawling WP 3: Search Architectures and Services WP 4: Search Applications and User Experience WP 6: Open Web Search Ecosystem & Sustainability WP 7: Dissemination, Exploitation & Communication

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