#FreeWebSearch Day 29 September 2023

The Open Search Foundation is Calling for #FreeWebSearch Day

“The #FreeWebSearch Day on 29 September reminds us that open access to online resources is a key factor for freedom of information and democracy. It draws attention to this issue worldwide and bundles participatory actions and invites especially the Open Web Search Community to take action” says Christine Plote, co-fouder and member of the board of the non-profit Open Search Foundation.

The Open Search Foundation (OSF) from Starnberg (Germany), a project partner of openwebsearch.eu, is calling for #FreeWebSearch Day on 29 September. On this day, contributions from as many different groups as possible are welcome: Companies, schools, universities, other educational institutions, museums or associations can contribute to open online search with (online) lectures, discussions, participatory activities or projects. IT specialists or programmers can contribute with technical know-how and organise hackathons to work on an open web index to catalogue web content.

The Open Search Foundation has set up a website for this international action day and, together with partners, invites people to advocate a free web.

website: freewebsearch.org